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About Me


Hello, everyone! I started making this website on my mother's Pentium III computer in order to show the world the projects I've been working on.

Consider this site your rest stop on the net. Take a look around and I'm sure you'll love what you find. Also, I'm hoping to make friends here, so feel free to write on the guest book and have a chat with me in the chatroom. Thanks!

Facts About Me

  • favorite animal: Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • favorite color: blue and pink
  • favorite food: stuffed crust pizza
  • favorite song: Blue by Eiffel 65
  • favorite activity: making games
  • my eyesight is a little blurry
  • i like making games
  • i have a crush on someone
  • i love staring at screensavers
  • i'm not good at singing or playing instruments
  • i just want to make this world a better place

visual novels, horror games, retro games, pixel platformers, and more scary games
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