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Maybe there's a bigger reason why they wanted me to work on this game.

PROTO DERE .NES 10.12.1999

Dusting off our old console so I can test this NES game.


I created a new iteration of the game. It's called Primordial DERE. The game is rage-inducing. I like it. I will do more tests. It's strange though. It feels like they are connected. When I change the files in the Primordial DERE version, the original version changes as well.

CREEPY ERRORS 09.28.1999

I've been getting some weird errors. I think I may have been hacked. I'm going to have to stop working on my game for a while. Maybe until I get a computer with Windows ME.


DERE won the poll! Was that a good idea for a name or did you people already know what the smudged letters say? I think DERE EXE is a good name. And the sequel shall be known as DERE EVIL EXE. I just finished playing Resident Evil 2 and I think this game's title can remind me of the good times. Hope I can launch this game soon.

HAPPIER 08.30.1999

I made the character less sad, I think. I copied how it looks in the first iteration. Just the eyes left. Need to work on it more. Maybe turn him or her into a knight or something. Hope I can release this someday. You can still vote for the title in the poll at the bottom of the site!

BIRTHDAY 08.21.1999

It's my birthday! Rewatched The Lost World Jurassic Park with my friends. Also, I found out I didn't have to call my project with a '.exe game' because .exe is a file type. but I think it rolls of the tongue better. It also sounds so high-tech! Too bad I didn't get to finish my project DE** .EXE (missing letters are to be determined in the poll below).

What should I name this game?


This picture represents what happened to me today.

SAD 06.16.1999

Finally! I got to make a gif of the new character. Why does the character look sad?

DNA OF A GAME 06.07.1999

I got the game yesterday! There's a NES Version, an arcade version, and then there's a version where it's for. I forgot which gaming machine. The game, It's... strange. AND TOO HARD TO PLAY! But the files contain a lot more pictures and characters than I see in the game itself. It's been abandoned by the creator (the one that gave it to me) and I promised I can finish it. The creator said yes! The CD was given to me with a label DE**.EXE. The asterisks letters are smudged. So I guess we're going to have a poll on what to call the game and fill up the missing letters.

SHE MAKES GAMES 06.06.1999

Trying out my new friend's game for the first time. I think she made it herself. She's all that.

de_exefirst.mkv 1369 kb
(requires Apple Quicktime 2.0 or higher)


Huh. Weird person.


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